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Personal Tailoring at Mardec Clothing

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About Personal Tailoring

How does the service work? Come in and see us and we will take a full set of professional measurements. This will ensure that the garment will fit you perfectly. Then we need to decide together on the ideal style, depending on whether you are looking for a jacket, smart suit for a wedding or special occasion, a business suit or something more casual. The Personal Tailoring Collection offers a choice of styles in up to 500 fabrics, so there will always be something that is suitable.

The finishing touches come by choosing from an extensive selection of linings, buttons, meltons, trim options and personalised embroidery.

Six weeks later, on average, come back and try on the suit made for you, so that we can check that the fit is perfect.

Casual blue suit with pink tie

About Magee

Magee was established in 1866 by John Magee, as a small drapers shop in Donegal, Ireland, buying and selling handwoven tweeds. In 1900 Robert Temple bought the business and today the 3rd and 4th generation Temple family are at the helm – Lynn, Charlotte and Paddy.

Magee are still designing and weaving luxury fabrics in Donegal – the ever-changing land and seascapes surrounding Donegal inspire colours and designs. In 2015 Magee acquired Robert Noble, a Scottish mill established in 1666. We use the finest of yarns – cashmere, lambswool, alpaca, silk and linen. These fabrics are used for men and women’s apparel and home furnishing. We still maintain a small hand-weaving business – fabrics are a far cry from the coarse tweeds of the 1800’s, today they are woven using luxury yarns, resulting in a beautifully soft handle.

Formal dark grey suit with striped tie


Is this a bespoke suit?

No, it is called a Personal Tailoring. There is no first and second fitting. The suit is made and comes back to us ready for you to wear. Any minor alterations, which is unusual, will be taken care of by ourselves.

Do I get to choose everything?

Yes you do. Absolutely everything is chosen by you, which is why each suit will be unique.

What is the price?

Two piece suits will normally be in the range €490 to €590.

A three piece suit is normally priced between €560 and €670.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

We normally ask for a 20% deposit.

Can I have the jacket monogrammed?

Yes you can.

Do you store my measurements for any future orders?

Yes, all your details and measurements are kept on file.

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